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What are Ohio Certified Stains?

Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) are a collection of standardized high-quality stains used by many Amish furniture craftsmen. Since the stains are formulated by a number of different suppliers, competition still exists, keeping prices low. Stains of the same OCS number are identical in color, meaning consumers can buy matching pieces at a later date, even from different Amish craftsmen.
Finish Options

Almost all the furniture shown on our website is available in a variety of finishes. Although the names of particular finishes may vary by manufacturer, here is a general overview.

Catalyzed Varnish is recommended by most craftsmen because it provides a high degree of protection, is easy to maintain, and tends to enhance the appearance of stained wood. You can select the level of sheen (shine). Catalyzed varnish is actually a mixture of a variety of substances including resins, pigments and solvents. Most catalyzed varnish finishes can be cleaned simply by using a non-abrasive damp cloth followed by a dry one.

Hand-Rubbed Oil and Wax finishes are used to add beauty and some protection. Favored by some customers because of their appearance, these finishes dent easier than varnishes and lacquers. However hand-rubbed oil and wax finishes can be easier to repair.

Sheen refers to the luster or shine of the finish. The words “sheen” and “gloss” are often used interchangeably. Most custom furniture can be ordered in either a high sheen, medium sheen or low sheen.

Distressing is a specialized finishing technique to deliberately make wood looked aged. Depending on the finisher, the distressing process may involve hitting the wood with hammers, chains or other objects. This produces pitting, worm holes and other random characteristics usually associated with antiques.

Burnishing, Glazing and Rub-Throughs are specialized finishing techniques to add character and an aged look. They are often combined with distressing to give new furniture a country, period, or antique appearance.